What better gift!
    It is no time to spring a
     gooey chemical mess on
   your neck and ears!
       SolFlaps and SolGators

     We've got you covered!
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                                              SolFlap SolGator Combo special $25.95
                           Custom order for your team or business!       

At the beach, fishing, gardening, sporting events or working outdoor. SolFlaps and SolGators are the perfect sun protection for any outdoor activity.
Get our cost saving SolFlap/SolGator combo-pack.

Fishing? Gardening? SolPawsFingerless sun protection for your hands!  $19.95 a pair! Get them here!

We've got
you covered!

Blue (light) Camo
Pink Camo
Safety Yellow/Green
Tie Dye


(Please allow two weeks for delivery of
Blue Camo SolGator)

Sunburned neck and ears are a thing of the past.
    Say goodbye to messy, greasy sunscreens.
    Instant and lasting sun protection for your
neck and ears!
  What is a SolFlap?
It is a lightweight, open top, UPF 50+ head
wrap that fits under any hat or visor and 
perfectly covers your neck and ears
from the harmful effects of the sun.
Simply place a SolFlap™ on your head and then
cover with your favorite hat or
visor! It’s that easy!

Once you start wearing your SolFlap you will never want to go out in the sun again without wearing it.

 Orders ship within two business days
First Class Mail with tracking number provided.
Tracking number sent to supplied email address.

Bulk order pricing with your logo
available upon request.
Please use
contact us page or send email to support@solflaps.com.

     Serious Business

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Even 28 degrees and the wind blowing can't keep SolFlaps
founder Bill Hamilton off the
golf course. His Blue Camo
gator taking care of business!


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